Below are an assortment of educational activities and games for teachers to use in the classroom to encourage learning of solid waste issues. These activities will motivate students to have fun while learning about waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Recycling Bingo (PDF)
In this educational activity, students will be quizzed on their knowledge of items that can be recycled within the home and the importance of recycling. Students will create their own BINGO card to be used in the Recycling Bingo game.
Grades: K-3

Recycle Relay (PDF)
As a participate in this educational activity, students will complete a relay race to see how much they know about what items can be recycled, composted, or trashed.
Grades: 4-5

Environmental Jeopardy! (PDF)
In this educational activity, students’ knowledge of environmental issues will be challenged as they play the popular TV trivia game called Jeopardy!
Grades: 6-8

The following educational activities are from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Planet Protectors Club for Kids.

Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the First Place (PDF)
This educational activity is a story about reuse on earth and gives ways to reuse everyday products in the home.
Grades: K-1 

Follow that Trail (PDF)
To help students understand the importance of reducing waste and saving resources, this educational activity is composed of various puzzles that they will have to complete in order to solve the big mystery at the end.  
Grades: K-3

Case of the Broken Loop (PDF)
In this educational activity, another mystery needs to be solved by student detectives. Students will learn about reducing waste and saving resources while trying to prevent the Garbage Gremlin from slipping away!
Grades: 4-6

Trash and Climate Change (PDF)
Students discover the hidden reasons to reduce, reuse, and recycle while completing this educational activity.
Grades: 4-6

The Life Cycle of a Cell Phone (PDF)
This educational activity follows the life cycle of a cell phone. Students will learn what it takes to produce a cell phone and why recycling one is so important.
Grades: 6-8

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