The Boy Scouts of America merit badge program provides opportunities for youth to expand their skill and knowledge in a variety of fields. Through the program, a Scout can acquire self-confidence from overcoming obstacles to achieve goals. Below Troop Leaders and Scouts will find activities to help complete requirements for badges with an environmental focus. For information on other types of badges, visit the Boy Scouts of America websiteMerit Badges

Energy Badge

Saving, producing and using energy wisely are critical to America’s future. It is important that we understand energy and the vital role it plays in order for us to leave future generations with a world in which they can live as well or better then we have.

Activity Guide for Energy Badge (PDF)

Environmental Science Badge

This badge teaches Scouts about the world of an environmental scientist---making observations and carrying out experiments to investigate the natural world. Learn about how precious our resources are and ways to reduce pollution.

Activity Guide for Environmental Science Badge (PDF)

Gardening Badge

Humans have been growing plants for thousands of years. Farmers and horticulturists make their living growing food and other plants, while other people grow gardens for pleasure. While earning this badge, Scouts will learn the science behind growing and caring for plants, as well as, the benefits of composting.

Activity Guide for Gardening Badge (PDF)

Soil and Water Conservation Badge

Conservation isn’t just the responsibility of soil and plant scientists, hydrologists, wildlife managers, and landowners alone. It is the duty of every person to learn about the natural resources on which our lives depend so that we can help make sure that these resources are used intelligently and cared for properly.

Activity Guide for Soil and Water Conservation Badge (PDF)

Conservation Good Turn Award

The Boy Scouts of America has been a positive force in conservation and environmental efforts. Past generations of Scouts have been recognized for undertaking conservation action projects in their local communities. The Conservation Good Turn award is an opportunity for Scouts of all ages to join with conservation or environmental organizations to carry out a project in their home communities. Below Scouts will find ways to achieve this award.

  • The Recycling Zone is a place to get rid of a variety of materials instead of throwing them in the trash. Schedule a tour to learn about proper management of household chemicals, recyclables and problem materials such as computers and other home electronics. The tour looks at what happens at the Recycling Zone and the importance of pollution prevention. 
  • Contact Dakota Valley Recycling at 952-895-4515 or email to have an educational presentation about recycling.
  • Have Scouts participate in the Recycle Relay activity to learn about items that can be recycled. Recycle Relay (PDF)


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